Today we're joined by Dr. Brené Brown, whom you might know from her TED talk on vulnerability, or her books Daring Greatly and more recently Rising Strong. Today she's talking with us about vulnerability as a creative, how to deal with the messy second act of rejection, perfectionism, and discomfort, and getting clear about whose opinions matter.

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Topics discussed in this episode:
- How to cultivate courage when facing rejection and failure
- Tools in rising strong and resiliency
- Blending your creative life with your other life
- The "messy second act" or messy middle
- Shame vs. guilt
- How perfectionism plagues creativity
- Dealing with praise as a creative
- How to keep the mojo going for creative work that may or may not make it into the world


"You cannot take people professionally where you're not willing to go personally." -Brené Brown on #beingbosspodcast

"Falling down is an everyday part of the creative life." -Brené Brown on #beingbosspodcast

"He or she who has the greatest capacity for discomfort rises the strongest and the fastest." -Brené Brown on #beingbosspodcast

"Creativity is straddling the tension, leaning into the discomfort, and finding your way through the dark." -Brené Brown on #beingbosspodcast

"Having visual reminders around your workspace about what's real and important to you is hugely important." -Brené Brown on #beingbosspodcast

"There is no such thing as creatives and non-creatives. To be human is to be creative." -Brené Brown on #beingbosspodcast

"The struggle for creatives is the balancing act of 'Yes, my work is a part of me, but it is not me.'" -Brené Brown on #beingbosspodcast

"To me—and for creativity especially—perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor." -Brené Brown on #beingbosspodcast

"I don't share anything until my healing and growth is no longer dependent on the reaction to it." -Brené Brown on #beingbosspodcast

"Carve out time for nothing. When fun creativity gets scheduled, it just becomes the other stuff again." -Brené Brown on #beingbosspodcast

Resources discussed in this episode:
Elizabeth Gilbert's podcast - Magic Lessons
Dallas Clayton
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

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